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Xerox Copier Supplies China :The Trip To Yunnan.

Aug 08, 2017

In August 5th,2017,the exhibition of Copier Supplies China successfully held in Kunming ,Yunnan.We were honored to attend the exhibition as a exhibitor.It must be pretty exciting to see so many participants from all over the world.


During the period,GUANGZHOU PENG TRADE CO.,LTD showed the series of Fuji Xerox Copier Supplies for general dealers,which includes Xerox Toner ,DCC560 Toner cartridge,Xerox DC240 iron powder,Xerox DC4110 iron powder and so on.With high quality products and services to meet rapidly,we won the majority of customers.微信图片_20170808145723_副本.jpg

The aim to take part the exhibition is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation,broaden our horizons,open ideas.By making full this opportunity,we communicated with visiting customers and dealers ,which further enhance our brand of Xerox Copier Supplies awareness and influence.At the same time ,to further understand the advanced products of peer enterprises in order to improve our own product mix.We are devoting ourselves to do Fuji Xerox Copier Supplies well.No matter the size of the customer,we will also pending,customer first ,hard service.