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Workingcentre Copier Cleaner Clogging Problem How To Solve?

Sep 29, 2017

   The Workingcentre of the copier cleaner is that the nylon gear is mounted on the cleaner. The nylon gear can be engaged with the internal drive gear of the device, which drives the inside of the cleaner to rotate the screw and allow the drum to clean the toner into the waste toner cartridge.

   When the cleaner clogging and leakage phenomenon, there will be unable to carry out cleaning work and a series of problems. In the face of such problems must first check whether there is ink or paper to block the waste powder channel, and then check the cleaning device of the distal gear teeth are broken, assuming that there should be timely replacement gear.

Hard plug solution:

The so-called hard plug is in the copier nozzle part of the impurities or chemical coagulation caused by the plug, to solve the hard plug method is also more complex, can be used to solve two ways.

1, soaking method

This method is suitable for the lighter blockage, first of a small amount of 95% of the concentration of alcohol organic alcohol into a bottom of a smooth metal container, the amount of alcohol into just no print head stainless steel package can be , Careful not to let pcb board and alcohol contact. Soak for two hours to four days.

2, pressure clean

This method is suitable for the heavy degree of congestion, first with a disposable infusion set of plastic pipe or needle with the print head of the ink port connection, after the connection is completed, the print head into the concentration of 95% of the organic solvent alcohol, Use the print head to inhale the alcohol into the syringe barrel and inhalate several times.

Need to pay attention to the following special points:

1, the above-mentioned cleaning method can not be more than 3 times, the general control within 3 times, if the cleaning of three times the phenomenon of congestion has not been alleviated, then the blockage is serious, in the cleaning is useless work, wisdom wasted ink When the situation should be taken to other ways.

2, ink cartridges and printers will produce "air resistance" phenomenon, there will be a small amount of irregular short-term there, then it is not recommended to repeat the cleaning, in fact, after a period of time, re-boot will be able to normal use.

3, different ink do not mix, when using the new ink, do not rush to import the cartridge, you should first use a disposable syringe suck a little place in the bright place to observe whether there is suspended in the ink, assuming that there is no allowed to mix, Assuming that there is no need to mix the new ink with the long ink to take a small part of the mixture after 24 hours of observation, observe whether there will be chemical reactions, there can not be mixed, no can.