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Toner Cartridge War :original Toner Cartridge And Compatible Toner Cartridge War Three Hundred Rounds

Sep 07, 2017

With the decline in the price of the printer, a few hundred dollars of the raiser printer has been everywhere, but can not afford to afford to become the most troublesome proposition for corporate procurement specialist. Little price is not low price toner cartridges, almost accounted for 70% of the daily office expenses. Will be about with it, and afraid of losing his wife and soldiers. Do not fish and bear's paw can not have both? The following, please put the sign, Peng Di take you to compare the original compatibility of office supplies compatibility.

Many people think that fake toner cartridges are compatible with toner cartridges, which is not correct. Although foreign manufacturers strongly recommend that consumers stop using compatible cartridges and design to make use of compatible cartridges to create obstacles, but compatible with toner cartridges is indeed an effective means to reduce the cost of printing. The fake toner cartridge is purely fake and shoddy products, it is almost exactly the same with the original toner cartridges, and inside the toner cartridges are inferior products. Visible, compatible toner cartridge are beneficial and harmless, and, with the rise of compatible supplies suppliers, some brands of compatible toner cartridge have been and the original toner cartridge are not far away, although may not be able to meet some high-demand print users, but the general print In the basic and the original toner cartridge does not see the difference, but no legend what plug the nozzle, affecting the printer life and other issues. The following is to say that for those superstitious original cartridges of consumers, you in the end there is no need to choose the price of more expensive original toner cartridge?

First introduce what is the original toner cartridge and compatible toner cartridge, Original toner cartridge: produced by the printer manufacturers, matching the corresponding printer model of the cartridge, is the original cartridge.

Compatible toner cartridge that are not manufactured by the printer manufacturer and can be used in the corresponding printers produced by these print manufacturers. We call them compatible cartridges. These cartridges are generally similar in shape to the original cartridges, but not exactly the same Some patent issues. But can be used without barriers to the corresponding model of the printer.

For example,our company is the Fuji Xerox authorized dealer that mainly engaged in Fuji Xerox all series original supplies.Just like the series of Xerox 4110 ,3535,2020,we can offer you all the original toner cartridge ,drum cartridge ,OPC and other spare parts.But sometimes in order to meet the needs of most wholesalers, we will use our channels to provide them with some compatible supplies to reduce their costs.

Compatible toner cartridge and the quality of the original toner cartridge In terms of quality, is the most concerned about the customer, of course, here also contains the brand on the market now compatible with the quality of the reasons for the quality of toner cartridge, so that some users in the first time using the quality of the toner cartridge after the compatibility Lost confidence. However, from some large compatible toner cartridge business comparison, they will often use the original print cartridge quality to match their own cartridges to do comparative testing, and one thing to note is that manufacturers of the standard, must be more than the user The use of the standard to be high, so good compatible toner cartridge must be able to meet the requirements of the user's use; this is no doubt.

If you are engaged in all kinds of advertising design, art design, digital photo printing and other professional users. Because of their own industry needs, such a class with great emphasis on print system, the performance of the color requirements are very high. So I believe that such users should not use the original cost of supplies, and should be with the printer is a brand, after all, the manufacturers of ink production processes are not the same, well-known brand products can often be a good match. Remember, the quality is the first! As Xerox 3535 work centre cartridges, in the choice of Xerox 3535 toner cartridges when you are tangled in the end is expensive original or more affordable compatible toner cartridge, for the engineering machine cartridges, I believe that large number of people will not choose to compatible, after all, the cost of engineering machine, the original Xerox 3535 toner cartridges, in Peng Di, you deserve it!