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The Ministry Of Commerce Has Conditionally Approved HP's Acquisition Of The Samsung Printer Business

Oct 09, 2017

Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced the addition of restrictive conditions in the form of approval of HP's acquisition of Samsung printer business.

It is understood that HP in the field of printers and printing supplies occupy a leading position; and Samsung is the printer and printing supplies an important contender in the field. In the Chinese A4 format laser printer market, according to sales, in 2016 HP's market share of 45% -50%, Samsung's market share of 5% -10%. In September 2016, HP and Samsung signed a centralized agreement, HP will acquire Samsung's global printer business all the shares and assets. Two months later, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce received a centralized antitrust filing with the relevant operators of the acquisition.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, after review, after the acquisition of HP in China A4 format laser printer market share of more than 50%, with market dominance, which may be unreasonable pricing and other acts excluded, limiting China A4 format laser printer market competition , And by reducing the compatibility with third-party supplies, not advertising, etc., tying HP original printing supplies, excluding, limiting China A4 format laser printing supplies market competition, reduce consumer choice, and ultimately damage the consumer interest.

As a result, the Commerce Department decided to impose additional restrictions on the approval of the operator's centralized acquisition, including requiring HP to continue to sell A4 laser printer products on a fair and reasonable basis for delivery; not to acquire any market share of any other A4 laser printer manufacturer in China ; Samsung brand A4 laser printer and its original sales in China (excluding exports), do not implement any third-party supplies may affect the compatibility of technical measures, firmware upgrades and so on.

(Source: Central People's Broadcasting Station)