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The Main Components And Functions Of Laser Toner Cartridge

Jul 03, 2017

1, the photosensitive drum: the heart of the toner cartridge, all the other parts are distributed in the drum around the drum as the center and play their different roles. During the imaging process, the photosensitive drum is subjected to charging and laser irradiation, and the electrostatic latent image is formed on the surface to further form a visible toner image.

2, magnetic roller: magnetic roller that is the development of the image, is one of the greatest impact on the image density. Responsible for the toner from the powder bin sucked out, and friction with the toner to make the toner charged. Due to the role of the magnetic bias on the magnetic roller, making the charged magnetic powder "beating".

3, the powder knife: a powder knife is installed in the magnetic roller below, responsible for controlling the magnetic roller adsorption magnetic layer thickness, and to help the toner friction charged.

4, Toner Cartridge: the warehouse of toner. There is a stirrer in the part of the powder bin to ensure that the toner is provided smoothly.

5, the sensor bar: some powder box Toner Cartridge outlet has a toner sensor bar, such as 92298A / X, etc., for the amount of toner in the amount of its role as the antenna, when the magnetic roller and the rod between When the gap is in, the machine will show that the powder is running out and the Toner Low signal appears.

6, waste Toner Cartridge: waste toner box is the waste Toner Cartridge, in the photosensitive drum surface formed by the toner image can not be 100% of the transfer to the print media, will remain part of the drum surface. Before the next imaging, clean the scraper is responsible for scraping it and collecting it in the waste toner bin.

7, cleaning scraper: responsible for clearing the photosensitive drum on the image after the transfer of residual waste powder.

8, charge roller: responsible for charging and charging the drum.

Laser printer imaging principle 1, charging: the charging roller to the rotation of the photosensitive drum surface filled with uniform negative charge. 2, exposure: carrying a digital signal to scan the surface of the photosensitive drum, drums to accept the laser surface into a conductor, the static charge disappears, without laser irradiation to maintain the original potential, so that the drum surface of the formation of different potential Electrostatic latent image. 3, the development: magnetic roller surface with a negative toner jump to the latent image, the drum surface to form a visual toner image. 4, transfer: drum surface toner image in the role of the transfer roller was transferred to the print media. 5, fixing: carrying toner images of the print media through the fixing unit, under the action of heat and pressure to form a fixed image fixed on the print media. 6, cleaning: due to physical adsorption, the drum surface of the toner and 100% will not be transferred to the print media, the remaining powder with a clean scraper clear down, and collected into the waste toner box. 7, power: after the transfer and cleaning of the photosensitive drum surface is still with an electrostatic charge, for the next cycle of uniform charge, the charge roller is responsible for the residual static elimination, in fact, by the AC and DC added to the charging roller On, electricity, charging synchronization carried out.