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Talk About Today, How To Identify The Quality Of For TOSHIBA Toner Is Good Or Bad

Sep 27, 2017

For TOSHIBA Toner (For TOSHIBA Toner) is the main consumable of the electrostatic (laser) printer copier. At present, the quality of the For TOSHIBA Toner on the market is uneven, and many users and even sellers feel it is difficult to make accurate identification, and the quality of the For TOSHIBA Toner Print quality has a direct impact, if the quality is too poor or improper use, but also cause other components of equipment damage, failure, how to identify the quality of For TOSHIBA Toner quality and some practical experience summarized as follows, to share with you. First, the quality of For TOSHIBA Toner common technical standards (quantitative testing standards)

1, the size and distribution of particles: the size and distribution of particles directly affect the quality of the For TOSHIBA Toner, which is related to the manufacturer's process equipment. Small particles can increase the resolution of the copy, easy in the development unit Charged, easy to obtain high density of the copy, and large particles improve the flow of For TOSHIBA Toner, thus ensuring a good delivery in the development unit, but they only carry a relatively small amount of charge, so they are easy to residual and product In the developing unit, in addition, they exist on the printed matter, resulting in a low resolution, and in the copy on the fixation of the poor stability of the imported powder particle size is generally in the range of 7-10 microns, Distribution is also concentrated in these particles in the domestic powder particle size is generally 10-14 microns, the distribution is also very wide and not concentrated, such as the particle size will cause poor stability of the For TOSHIBA Toner, poor resolution, fixing is not strong The

 2, Caking temperature: small agglomeration temperature is defined at this temperature, the physical properties of For TOSHIBA Toner changes, such as unwanted fusion. Test method can be placed in a sample temperature oven, After a certain period of time to determine whether the signs of agglomeration, the appropriate temperature range of 40-50 ℃

 3, blackness: blackness value of the calculation is the blackness of the value of the first test a certain number of strong light beam, shot to the measured graphics, and then reflected back to the blackness of the tester, calculate the beam to be absorbed, and then through a fixed The value of the calculation program. Laser printer copier is mainly designed for office, so the average blackness value is generally around 1.48. And in my country some models of the printer, is used to film or sulfuric acid paper and the like print media, these print media fibers have been special chemical treatment, relatively ordinary printing paper, For TOSHIBA Toner resin is more difficult to melt penetration To the paper fiber, so the requirements for the For TOSHIBA Toner is relatively high. In the case of ensuring the state of the drum, the average blackness value is generally around 1.50 (individual models average blackness up to 1.55, such as Xerox P8e). We generally have such a habit, that print the more black the better the For TOSHIBA Toner. But sometimes other factors of the For TOSHIBA Toner may also cause this illusion, such as For TOSHIBA Toner fixation is poor, just just adsorbed on the surface of the paper without sufficient penetration into the paper fiber, then the paper surface For TOSHIBA Toner particles are mostly accumulated in the Paper surface, the absorption rate of light is very high, people feel very black, which is some users say that print proofs do not have to see, touch it can know the reason is not black. But in fact, the high melting point of this For TOSHIBA Toner, the printed words are not solid, not a good For TOSHIBA Toner. Of course, the high degree of blackness also has its negative effect, that is, a certain amount of For TOSHIBA Toner, in a certain average coverage, the relative reduction in the number of pages printed. For TOSHIBA Toner standard blackness should be about 1.4-1.5, imported powder are generally maintained in this range, while the domestic powder blackness in the 1.2-1.5 range, its stability is not strong.

 4, the end of the gray: the end of the gray value is measured with a blackness tester to print the sample does not have the words of the black value of the blank. It is also related to the degree of white paper, that is, the same kind of For TOSHIBA Toner in the different paper on the bottom of the gray value is not necessarily the same. Under normal circumstances, OEM carbon powder at the end of the gray value of about 0.05 to 0.06, greater than 0.06, the visual results will feel like printing a bit dirty. Our company provides the bottom ash value of the For TOSHIBA Toner compared with the OEM is about 0.05 ~ 0.06. The reason for the bottom ash value is mainly related to the conductive properties of the For TOSHIBA Toner (referred to as electrical) and the particle size of the For TOSHIBA Toner. The stronger the conductivity, the finer the particles, the more prone to the bottom ash. Each type of printer requires that the electrical properties of the For TOSHIBA Toner is generally not the same, which is one of the reasons why we emphasize the special powder. In addition, leakage due to breakage of the photosensitive layer on the surface of the photosensitive drum also causes the bottom ash, which also explains that when the photosensitive layer is worn, the printed page will have a clear black mark at the breakage.