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Ricoh Document Highway

Sep 29, 2017

Ricoh has 11 R & D centers and laboratories in the US, Europe, China and Japan with more than 3,500 scientists, researchers and engineers. Each R & D center or laboratory is dedicated to research in a specific area.

Digital communications, the Internet, web-based services and a variety of application software, has completely changed the way people deal with information and documentation, and even changed the way people work.

Ricoh has launched an open platform - the document highway, so that people are free to exchange documents, do not worry about the hardware software is different, do not worry about time, place or document type.

Documentation The expressway is based on the industry standard Web services and Java design, open architecture system to simplify and other systems connected to the cumbersome steps.

Ricoh is committed to developing easy-to-use systems, complemented by a unique, easy-to-use interface that is based on the documentation highway platform. Through the network of a variety of hardware and application software to standardize the construction, modular software components with the expected function, you can achieve.

The document highway is the main idea behind Ricoh's office products and solutions. In today's networked office environment, it provides open, easy-to-use connectivity.