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Original Printer Manufacturers In The Face Of Prosecution

Sep 30, 2017

Recently, the French original printer manufacturers or will face criminal proceedings. It is reported that they were prosecuted because the intention to shorten the life of the printer products.

It is reported that the prosecution of the legal proceedings for a French called "anti-plan scrapped" environmental organizations. Prior to France has introduced a law requiring household appliances to have a longer life.

Based on the legal provisions, the French home appliance business "in order to increase the frequency of consumers to replace the product and deliberately shorten the life of the product" behavior will be regarded as illegal. It is understood that France is the only country in the world with the above-mentioned laws, and the European Commission is considering introducing similar laws and regulations throughout Europe.

It is reported that the original printer manufacturers of senior managers once found guilty of "intentional retirement" of the crime, will be sentenced to a maximum of two years imprisonment punishment, or 300,000 euros (about 2.34 million yuan) fine. And its company will be fined, the amount of the company for the past three years the average operating income of 5%. "Anti-plan scrapped" organizations pointed out that the largest share of the French printer market share of the four original printer manufacturers HP, Canon, Epson and brothers by shortening the service life of the printer continue to encourage consumers to buy new products, and therefore their behavior is illegal.