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Identify The Practical Quality Of For TOSHIBA Toner Quality

Sep 27, 2017

The quality of the above criteria requires specialized tooling equipment and specialized procedures to determine, and many times for users and sellers, there is no special test equipment, in fact there is no need to have all the professional testing of For TOSHIBA Toner , Then the following describes some simple visual identification method, but also can get the quality of For TOSHIBA Toner is good or bad.

1, For TOSHIBA Toner appearance: the standard appearance should be black without impurities, no condensation block.

Contains impurities are generally made of recycled waste powder, which is common in counterfeit original products. Among them, paper fibers, poorly charged For TOSHIBA Toner particles and other impurity particles are poor in electromagnetic properties, and are printed. Gray and other printed matter quality problems. At the same time the damage to the equipment and lead to the greatest risk of failure, serious will scratch the photoconductor drum, magnetic roller and other components, there may be in the fixed heating assembly sintering, resulting in equipment damage. Condensation block is generally poor moisture resistance characteristics, or poor storage caused by, will cause the plugging of the development components, no powder failure.

2, liquidity: good For TOSHIBA Toner its liquidity is generally very good, you can take 20g For TOSHIBA Toner on white paper and then shake back and forth, you can observe the liquidity of good or bad. Powder blackness, bottom ash, transfer rate.

3, the smell: the standard For TOSHIBA Toner should be odorless or micro-belt with aromatic flavor. The smell of imported flour is generally with aromatic flavor, while most of the smell of domestic powder with a serious tar smell, which will cause Print / copy during the issue of a great smell, Jiaoren unbearable.

4, the amount of charge: the friction of the For TOSHIBA Toner is charged the development process of the key because the For TOSHIBA Toner on the surface of the light guide has a selective deposition is controlled by the static, For TOSHIBA Toner polarity of the polarity of the positive and negative Quality control of the product is an important parameter. Each model of the For TOSHIBA Toner charge is different, but the good For TOSHIBA Toner its charge is the most important stability, there are power to upgrade the speed should be stable and fast. The electromagnetic properties of the For TOSHIBA Toner can be made of self-made small electromagnetic coil, small magnet, friction after the glass rod (battery plus wire windings) close to the For TOSHIBA Toner, repeated power off, observe the For TOSHIBA Toner adsorption and separation, easy to adsorb and separate the For TOSHIBA Toner Quality is good.