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How To Replace Aurora ADC208 ADC218 Color Copier Transfer Belt

Sep 30, 2017

The transfer belt requires a higher transmission efficiency, as much as possible to transfer the toner image on the photosensitive drum onto the paper, saving toner on the one hand and making the copy of the text to a better blackness. In general, the new Konica Minolta transfer zone, transfer efficiency mainly depends on the level of high pressure transfer. Transfer of high pressure, transfer efficiency is also high; transfer high pressure is low, transfer efficiency is also low; transmission of high pressure without output, all printed white, no image. However, the transfer of the Konica Minolta transfer belt, the transfer pressure can not be infinitely increased, allowing only 10% of the standard value in the adjustment range, otherwise, the first surface of the photoreceptor potential rise, affecting the clean state; The magnetic field will destroy the magnetic field of the magnetic roller development, so that the developer overflow; Third, it may produce spark discharge, Konica Minolta transfer belt, corona insulation breakdown and photoconductor edge.

Aurora ADC208 ADC218 color copier transfer belt removal replacement steps

1. Open the right door of the machine.

2. Remove the 2 screws [1]

3. Hold both ends and lift the image transfer belt unit [1] out

4. Remove the 2 screws [1] and remove the separation claws.

5. Install the transfer belt to the machine in the reverse direction.

6. Because the manufacturers only the entire transfer belt components for sale, replace the transfer belt is also more convenient, directly unloaded to change it. Need to pay attention to is that when the change should not be careful when the arrows at the separation of the claws can be scraped, and if any questions at any time contact me!