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How To Distinguish 180 Copier For Kyocera Toner Is Original

Jul 12, 2017

My company flagship product for the copier For Kyocera Toner. Recently, according to a customer response, he bought a Kyocera 180 copier at the end of last year, random comes with the For Kyocera Toner used to change the supplier to the For Kyocera Toner 240 yuan. Subsequently, every morning when the boot tips: already equipped with original For Kyocera Toner. The customer said he knew the powder used was the original, and later he purchased the fiber 183 yuan plus the freight 195 yuan, installed also shows: already equipped with original For Kyocera Toner. Customers want to use the powder should be original. How to buy toner? After a period of time, he was in this shop to buy two boxes of toner 183 yuan, but after the installation has shown: already equipped with unknown brand toner. At this point, the customer is wondering: why is this ah? Do i buy powder non-original? And will all the contents of the box inside the careful comparison, all the same ah?

So in the end should be how to distinguish Kyocera 180 copier For Kyocera Toner is the original? Kyocera copier powder box manufacturer - Guangzhou can be more to tell you: This copier should be drum and toner cartridge separate, the customer said the toner should be Kyocera copier toner cartridge, this powder box has a chip if There is no chip on the cartridge, then the copier can not recognize, it will show: has been filled with unknown brand toner. On the contrary, if the chip is equipped with a copier powder box will show: original For Kyocera Toner. We can look at the front of the cartridge has a small chip.