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How To Add For TOSHIBA Toner Cartridges

Sep 27, 2017

1, tools: For TOSHIBA Toner bottle, oblique pliers, Phillips screwdriver, word screwdriver, leather tiger.

2, the left hand to pick up the cartridge, the right hand with a diagonal pliers to the drum core of a pin positioning pin out.

3, pulled out the drum core positioning pin, to catch the drum core plastic gear can be successfully pulled out drum core.

4, pulled out the drum core, with a word screwdriver gently pick up the end of the charging roller, it gently out.

5, you can see in the bottom of the charging roller has a pin, which is the key point, with a flattened screwdriver out of a small iron out.

6, with a diagonal pliers to the top of the small iron out gently pull out.

7, with a Phillips screwdriver unscrew the other end of the screw.

8, remove the screw back, you can put the development store and waste For TOSHIBA Toner warehouse separated.

9, with a flat-blade screwdriver to the other end of the cartridge charge roller under the small iron out to the top.

10, with a diagonal pliers just out of the small iron out of the pull out.

11, with a Phillips screwdriver, the figure in the circle of two screws unscrewed, took out the waste powder warehouse drum core scraper.

12, down the waste For TOSHIBA Toner warehouse residue toner, with a bag of the whole installed to prevent pollution. Clean the charging roller with a clean soft cloth.

13, clean charge roller, held charge roller and drum core of the settlement, to deal with drums can also be carried out to change the scratches.

14, back to the development of the warehouse part, took out the development of the magnetic roller.

15, in order to fill the injection of the added For TOSHIBA Toner and the original For TOSHIBA Toner is not compatible with the cloth erase the magnetic roller on the toner.

16, plus powder start, with a pile of paper stacked into the slot shape, easy to hold powder on the powder warehouse.

17, after adding the For TOSHIBA Toner, put the magnetic roller to close the gear cover, careful gear do not lose the track may be anti-installed.

18, the final assembly, close the clean waste For TOSHIBA Toner warehouse and add a good toner after the development of the warehouse.

19, to find out in front of the two small iron out of the bolt, according to the location on the map into a small iron, through the adjacent plastic and plastic can be flat, the end of the entire powder process.