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How Does The Toner Cartridge Fit?

May 26, 2017

Now with the development of society, it is no longer popular handwriting, handwriting is not good, but also slow, not good to carry, and now popular electronic version, want to use when the print out, this time will mention the loss, Especially the toner, it is generally used to ink, and is generally used as a meal, the loss is very powerful, so we often talk about the Toner Cartridge.

1, open the door

First turn off the printer, and then press the switch to open the front door

2, [open]

First manufacturers come over the powder box is a package, first along the direction of the pocket to take out the powder box

3, [Rotary handle]

Hands to take a good toner cartridge, his hands do not force too much, according to the direction of the arrows back and forth, the toner shaken, but the two hands can not encounter imaging drums

How does the printer cartridge fit?

4, [tear off the sealed bag]

When the powder box is removed, we will notice that it has a yellow button on one end and a tape attached to it. We hold the yellow button and keep it slowly and with it. So far, it is the root of the tear, tearing things no use, you can throw away.

5, as shown below red arrow refers to the iron frame, with your fingers to keep that position, both hands holding the powder at both ends, the toner cartridge along the printer into the rails, feel strong on it.

6, the last step is to close the front cover, to this, the cartridge is installed successfully, turn on the power, print the test page, you can check the installation of the effect.