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Hazard Of For TOSHIBA Toner And Preventive Measures

Oct 30, 2017

The main component of carbon powder is not carbon, and most of the resin and carbon black, charge agent, magnetic powder and other components. For TOSHIBA Toner is melted into the paper fiber at high temperature, the resin is oxidized into a gas with a stimulating odor, which is what we call 'ozone'. This gas is no good for the human body itself, will cause irritation to the human mucosa, easy to improve the incidence of asthma or nose allergies, and even dizziness, vomiting and so on.

Common For TOSHIBA Toner on the market in accordance with the printer imaging methods can be divided into four categories: negative electromagnetic toner, negative non-magnetic toner, positive electromagnetic toner and positive non-magnetic toner. The negative electromagnetic toner itself contains soft magnetic material (mostly iron oxide), after the powder knife (blade) friction with a negative power.

Non-toxic control of For TOSHIBA Toner

For TOSHIBA Toner of various raw materials if the standardization of manufacturing in the sealed state of use can be non-toxic (such as: original manufacturers or Mitsubishi, Pakistan Sichuan, etc.). According to AMES-test, the current market, a variety of bottled loose powder due to production technology and other conditions are difficult to achieve non-toxic requirements.

The general For TOSHIBA Toner on the market is poisonous

Many bulk or bottled carbon on the market (origin, site unknown) due to its plant equipment, technology, raw materials, environmental and other factors, particles from 1? 10? / SPAN range, the size of a large deviation. Polyacrylic acid - styrene copolymer polymerization degree, that is, molecular weight and distribution is critical, too large can not fix (resulting in false blackness), too small is a small molecule of toxic styrene gas escape, the human body for a long time in the Close to the use of such toner printer environment, will cause harm to the human body, the probability of cancer than normal will be 4% higher, and will pollute the OPC drum and MR magnet roller, resulting in poor print cartridge.

Toner is divided into magnetic toner and non-magnetic toner, and each machine model used in the toner composition ratio is different. Many bottled toner or bulk toner are no distinction, only a mixture of magnetic toner, with the wrong toner or with poor quality toner when not only harmful to the human body and the environment, and will damage the printer and affect the printer life.


1, process reform, innovation and production equipment: the main way to eliminate dust hazards.

2, wet operation: the use of wet grinding quartz, refractory materials, mine wet rock drilling, underground transport spray sprinkler.

3, closed, ventilation, dust: wet jobs can not take place, should be used to close the exhaust ventilation method to prevent dust flying.

4, pick up workers health checks: including pre-employment and regular health checks, from dust operations should also be done when the dust removal operation.

5, personal jealousy: wear dust protective gear, such as dust helmets, air supply helmets, air masks and so on.