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HANP OPC:The Rising Of The Compatible OPC

Sep 28, 2017

Drum OPC is the copier heart ,so that the quality is especially important. There are original and compatible Drum OPC in the market.When your drum OPC life is exhausted,you need to change the drum OPC ,are you upset about it?Although the original quality assurance ,but the price is too expensive,many people in order to save costs will choose compatible OPC.

For example ,Sharp brand AR161 OPC,not only Sharp original drum OPC,but also have other brands about compatible OPC,just like Mitsubishi,Hanp,Cet,and another brands.Some people like Made-in-Japan,but others also like Made-in-China.Compared with the Made-in-Japanese ,China has more creativity than Japan.Chinese quality is trustworthy,so if you want to select compatible supplies,Welcome to China,you can find all compatible supplies that there is noting you cant thinking of .

There are so many supplies brands in the China.Maybe you ve heard of CET ,Hanp or other brands.But there s a compatible OPC that its HANP you cant miss.HANP OPC is the most popular compatible OPC in the China.Why the HANP brand so popular?Firstly,HANP AR161 OPC Printed more than 60,000,Commitment compared to other compatible OPC,.Secondly the HANP OPC absolutely minimizes damage to the copier.Thirdly,HANP AR161OPC drum for many models like AR160,163,200,201,202,203,205,206,1818;HANP AR161 OPCs color is green,the color is pure.

HANP OPC have stock ,welcome to consult and order.Guangzhou pengdi trade Co.,Ltd,give you the cheapest price and the best quality .