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Fujifilm To Buy US Office Equipment Giant Xerox Worldwide Layoffs 10000 People

Feb 06, 2018

According to Japanese media reports, Fujifilm Holdings recently announced that it will acquire the United States giant Xerox office equipment company.


Fujifilm will control 50.1% stake in Xerox and merge Xerox with Fuji Xerox; Fujifilm already owns 75% of Fuji Xerox. Consolidation plan in the third quarter of 2018 (July to September) to complete the merger company name "Fuji Xerox."


After the integration, the company's sales of office equipment business totaled about 2.1 trillion yen, more than the United States Hewlett-Packard leapt to the first place in the world. Fuji Xerox will lay off 10,000 people to some 47,000 employees worldwide.