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Fuji Xerox Lay Out In China

Sep 28, 2017


Printers, copiers have been muffled fortune industry, the production enterprises will not spend too much energy to do advertising promotion; this is a typical B2B market, buyers are mostly companies, government agencies, advertising is not the company and government agencies procurement Consider the first element.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Fuji Xerox would like to do something different. January 6, Fuji Xerox Greater China announced the use of 2016 Golden Horse Award for best actress Ma Si-chun as a brand image spokesperson, after the spokesperson is the famous artist Liang Chaowei.

Image spokesperson in the luxury goods, FMCG industry everywhere, Fuji Xerox printing industry is very rare. To understand this unusual move, can not fail to mention China's market competition is very intense.

Sullivan global partner and president of Greater China Wang Xin told the first financial reporter that in 2015 China's printing equipment market size has more than 50 billion yuan, laser printers accounted for about 80% of the market share. China's printing equipment market competition is more concentrated and dominated by international brands, the mainstream market brands include HP, Canon, Epson, Fuji Xerox, brothers, Samsung, Lenovo, Ricoh and Lexmark and so on.

Similar to many markets, China's printing equipment and file services market, products have low-end and high-end points. File format is small, single function, print and copy speed of less than 20 pages per minute, this type of printing equipment is mostly classified as low-end products, processing files larger format, more features, the output speed of the device is classified as high-end product.

Hewlett-Packard in the Chinese market for many years to occupy the first position, low-end and high-end products are covered. However, the industry said that the advantages of HP in the low-end market, mainly in the A4 printer and one machine field; high-end products, such as A3 digital composite machine, Fuji Xerox and other brands occupy the advantage.

Fuji Xerox estimates that China's low-end printing equipment (A4 format) market size of 23 billion yuan. FY2010, Fuji Xerox Greater China's total revenue is 100 billion yen (about 6 billion yuan), to make the business bigger, Fuji Xerox can not help in the low-end market force.