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For Kyocera Toner Toner Process

May 26, 2017

For Kyocera Toner (also known as toner) is not the main component of carbon, and most of the resin and carbon black, charge agent, magnetic powder and other components. For Kyocera Toner is melted into the paper fiber at high temperature, the resin is oxidized into a gas with a stimulating odor, which is what we call 'ozone'. This kind of gas has only one advantage, is to protect the earth, reduce the harm of solar radiation. On the human body itself is no good, will cause irritation to the human mucosa, easy to improve the incidence of asthma or nose allergies, and even dizziness, vomiting and so on.

For different needs, For Kyocera Toner production to the fine, color, high-speed direction. For Kyocera Toner production is mainly used in the pulverization and polymerization method: polymerization method is a fine chemical For Kyocera Toner technology, which includes (suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization, microcapsules, dispersion polymerization, compression polymerization, chemical comminution.)

Polymerization in the liquid phase to complete, can produce a lower melting temperature of the For Kyocera Toner, to meet the modern technology on energy saving and environmental protection requirements. The particle size of the For Kyocera Toner particles is controlled by adjusting the amount of the dispersant, the stirring speed, the polymerization time and the concentration of the solution to achieve uniform composition, good color and high transparency. The For Kyocera Toner produced by the polymerization method has a good particle size, a finer particle size, a narrow particle size distribution and a good flowability. Can meet the high-speed, high resolution, color and other modern printing technology requirements.

Polycrystalline For Kyocera Toner technology has been around for many years: - 1972, the first case of polymer toner patent. - Increased in the 1970s and 1980s. - The first commercial monochrome For Kyocera Toner appeared in 1993. - The first commercial color For Kyocera Toner appeared in 1998.

The process of polymerizing the carbon powder: (resin monomer, pigment, dispersant, other reagent) → (ultrasonic dispersion) → (water, dispersant) → (full stirring) → (polymerization) → (washing) → (filtration separation) → (dry) → (post-treatment) → (finished product)

Polymeric carbon powder is widely used, because of the high cost, mainly concentrated in the production of color For Kyocera Toner.

Polymeric carbon powder because of its large investment, the general investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Only a small number of international companies have production capacity: but the demand for color For Kyocera Toner is lower than expected, the current major companies are not full production. The whole production process is: (material selection) → (material inspection) → (ingredients) → (premix) → (kneading extrusion) → (crushing grade) → (post-treatment) → (finished product) → (inspection ) → (packing)

For Kyocera Toner processing industry is a large number of smelting method used to produce For Kyocera Toner.

The pulverization method can produce dry powder for dry electrostatic copying: including two-component For Kyocera Toner and one-component For Kyocera Toner (both magnetic and non-magnetic). Because of its development process, the charging mechanism is different, the proportion of its ingredients ingredients are not the same.