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Efficient Work, Enjoy Life, Dreams Finally Shines Into Reality!

Nov 22, 2017

Imagine a company having an emergency project temporarily when you are away from home or on a business trip. You need to collaborate with colleagues and customers. You also need to report your leadership promptly and receive prompt approval as soon as possible, or you suddenly receive documents from your subordinates. Back immediately after signing ... ... At this time, you must be distressed how to be as convenient as in the office, it is best to be able to work with several parties and efficient at the same time. Now, these problems are not things! Fuji Xerox launched the "smart work platform" will be able to work together anytime, anywhere.

     Fuji Xerox Smart Workbench enables seamless connectivity with cloud services, mobility solutions, digital workflows and simplified management, as well as enterprise-class information security to help businesses achieve greater productivity and enable everyone to change the way they work Enjoy life while enjoying the greatest potential. Fuji Xerox in the mobile phone era is also a leader. Employees can now quickly scan to the nearest digital MFP for scanning, scanning or document scanning by scanning QR codes such as Business Apps, Business WeChat and more, and do not have to worry about inconveniences such as file handling and output even if they travel long distances. Corporate visitors can also use the wireless network converter, mobile scanning WeChat or Alipay two-dimensional code to log in and use all of the networking "smart work platform", print or scan directly after the use of Alipay or WeChat payment, the company can also more convenient print management.

Of course, the change of working style brought by Smart Workbench can not be as simple as mobile work. Optimizing work flow is the key to improving productivity of enterprises. Fuji Xerox "Smart Workbench" can digitize all the workflows of enterprises. It can not only meet the requirements of digital acquisition of large quantities of centralized and few distributed files, but also realize the functions of classification, indexing, approval and Distribute the entire process of digital management, while supporting mobile terminals and enterprise cloud services. For example, when you work overtime and colleagues in different offices rush to work on projects, you can use Fuji Xerox's Intelligent Workbench to extract accurate and valid data from the vast information system of a company's big data system and use the "Smart Workplace" Cloud services and colleagues to share information and collaborate effectively in real time.

In addition, the enterprise is most concerned about the information security issues can be multiple guarantees, including enterprise-class user authentication (including mobile security certification), full data transmission and storage encryption, can truly achieve enterprise-class information security.

It is conceivable that the changes brought about by Fuji Xerox's "smart work platform" will inevitably lead to the earth-shaking changes in the traditional working methods. A new way of working has been opened, let us enjoy the good work and life can take it!