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Double Eleven Shopping Festival e-commerce party: Guangzhou Pengdi Special Promotion

Nov 09, 2017

After a few more days,China's biggest shopping carnival is coming that Double Eleven Shopping Festival.Singles Day (November 11th), also known as the double eleven Festival, festival, single edge Festival, is popular in the Chinese entertainment festival, the young man, he is still proud to singles ("singles" means "single"). It originated in the network culture and campus culture, previously known as the light festival. At the same time, this day is also a day for many single men and women who are divorced from bachelor status. At the same time, it is also the time for all big businesses (especially online shopping) to take off for sale. From the beginning of November 11, 2009, China, shopping website Taobao and its sub brand of Tmall led businesses of the day advertised as "shopping Carnival Festival", and other electricity providers have joined, the hoodlum festival gradually evolved into online shopping carnival. In November 11, 2012, online shopping sales exceeded the U.S. network on Monday, becoming the world's largest Internet shopping festival.

During the double eleven, Guangzhou Pengdi struck mysterious events , toner and thermistor ,OPC carnival, with the lowest price, the most reliable quality, Get the absolute trust of the customer. If you have intention,you can send an inquiry or another contact ways to get double eleven activities of products catalogue and bargain .