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Copier Grade And Its Typical Optical System

Sep 30, 2017

According to user needs, the copier can be divided into three grades: open type (15 / min) past and type (15 / min ~ 60 / min); High-speed type (60 / min) pioneer type copier small and lightweight, the operation performance and price are more emphasis. (SLA, manufactured by Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.), which is mainly used in the form of a table, which is used in the form of a self-focusing lens array (sLA) 1 in the ① and ⑨ type. In the sLA popular before the type of models are used in ordinary lens. A typical application is shown in Fig. Jump into the system assembly diagram, the imaging element sIA is located in the middle of the copy of the swab, the stage relative to the SLA back and forth exposure. Figure 2 (b) and (c) of the optics system section. Through the sl_A will be fluorescent light irradiation generated by the original image, pull to the original platen and so on the movement of the band-like photoreceptor body a lh to light intensity together to form an electrostatic latent image.


Here is an overview of the SLA, as shown in Figure 3, a diameter of about 1rn glass, through the formation of ion diffusion in the refractive index parabolic distribution of self-focusing magnets. In the form of an array of rows or to pay the germanium in two rows, the composition can produce Lianxi whole image (positive image) of the imaging components provided by the manufacturers SLA, mainly used for pioneering PPC. The use of alternative elements for sLA is the RoofMirror lens array (Ricoh's trade name, RMLA) published by Ricoh Corporation this year, as shown in Figure 4, as shown in Figure 4 (4) (a), (b) and (c) The principle is well understood. The actual structure shown in Figure 4 (d), the RMLA and lens array (LA) with plastic ultra-precision molding, and optical path separation mirror (SM) assembled into the whole, to achieve low cost, high performance imaging components. 2. Universal copier focus on high quality, high functionality and reliability. The average number of copies per month up to 1,000N50,000 or so, according to the copy speed of 15 / min ~ 40 / min, a 60 / min, divided into several models, the basic E can meet every The number of copies required. In order to achieve high image quality, optical systems for universal copiers need to use a modulation transfer function (MTF) high lens, that is, the resolution and contrast are high lens.


In addition, it is required to have the zoom function of the advanced features in the range of 0.5-2.0 continuous zoom. In order to make the copier more efficient, it is necessary to have a dedicated external device for processing before and after copying. In this case, the original platen must be secured and equipped with an automatic document feeder. At present, in Table 1, the main type of ⑥ ⑦, and ④ and ⑥ type has not seen the popularity of copier machine prostitution range is very wide, low speed and high speed for its two typical application examples.