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Chinese Chrismas Eve & PINAN NIGHT

Dec 23, 2017

When it comes to Christmas, what is the first thing in your head to emerge? Is driving a deer, filled with gifts of Santa Claus, or hanging Christmas decorations full of dazzling Christmas tree? Is the production of beautiful Christmas cards or major brands launched limited edition products? Is the colorful Christmas decorations on the streets or an hour on the road traffic congestion?

Although Christmas is a festival introduced from the West, Christmas is no less popular in China than any other country. This year's Christmas coincides with the weekend, I believe people will travel more. To be sure, Christmas Eve all major shopping malls, shopping malls, pedestrian streets, bars, churches, cinemas, etc. will be overcrowded, it is estimated that the queue to go to the toilet have an hour ...

Christmas Eve most people will go out with friends and relatives to gather together, some people who have boy friend&girl friend to go out show the love, the another one also to have with the best friend to have fun? Selling roses all the way peace formothion girl, although is outside the normal apple bread layer carton, Christmas Eve "PINAN" fruit is worth to turn over N times, let a person can't help thought: why did it make “PINGAN ” fruit? Should I buy it?

▼Christmas cold knowledge 1: Why Christmas is scheduled on December 25?

Jesus was born

As we all know, Christmas is set up to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but have never mentioned in the bible Jesus was born on this day, even many historians believe that Jesus was born in the spring. It wasn't officially Christmas until the 3rd century, but some orthodox christians set January 6th and 7th as Christmas.

▼Christmas cold knowledge 2: what is the tree of the Christmas tree?

Long ago, the Romans used evergreen trees to decorate their houses, meaning the life cycle after the cold winter. By the 16th century, the germans had begun to decorate the evergreen trees in their homes. By the end of the 19th century, European settlers brought Christmas trees into American colonies and spread around the world.

So what tree is the tree? In fact, as long as it is a pine tree, evergreen, tree with triangular trees can be used as a Christmas tree. Unlike our domestic Christmas tree, the foreigner's Christmas tree is actually cut down trees!

▼Christmas cold knowledge 3: why is Santa wearing a red coat?

The history of Santa Claus

The archetype of Santa Claus has a real life in history. He was the bishop of San Nicolas, who lived in the city of Mira in the fourth Century (now in Turkey). Legend has it that he was born in a very rich family, but all the property he inherited was distributed to the poor. The original image of Santa Claus and the modern image of Santa Claus is quite different, so, red, white, plump Santa beard image is how come?

Coca-Cola Santa Claus image

In 1931, Coca Cola Co and the Swedish commercial artist Hatton Shanbu signed to create a drinking cola image of Santa claus. Shanbu to his friend Lo Plantis as the prototype, to create a happy kind of image of Santa Claus, as for clothing color, Coca Cola Co adhere to Santa Claus fur coat color must be bright red Coca-Cola. As Coca-Cola's advertising spread around the world, the image of red clothes Santa Claus is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It turns out that it's all Coca-Cola's way!

▼Christmas cold knowledge 4: why do you want socks for Christmas?

Legend has a kind-hearted nobleman, a hard life. The three daughters were getting married, and it was very sad to have no money to buy dowry as a father. On Christmas Eve, the girls went to bed early, leaving him in exasperation. Santa decided to help the family, throw in three bags of gold from the chimney of their home, and a bag fell into a stocking that hung on the fireplace. So in the stockings loaded into the gift for the child's customthen to spread down.

Christmas stocking

Until today, the naive children are always on Christmas Eve with hang up their stockings on the fireplace, hope to wait for Santa Claus likes suchwhich in the fable, from the North snow ride eight reindeer sled to give them to them.

▼Christmas cold knowledge 5:Jingle Bells isn't Christmas song?

jingle bells

From Georgia organist James Rhodes Peale pengteh in the church Thanksgiving concert this song he made songs -- "One Horse Open Sleigh", the song catchy song by singing sensation. In 1857, the song was published again, officially named Jingle Bells. Therefore, this Jingle Bells was originally created for Thanksgiving.

▼Christmas cold knowledge 6: people are injured because of Christmas?

Frequent Christmas accidents

Christmas lights are full of dangers from climbing the ladder to hanging lights out of the oven. In fact, according to the calculations of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, between November and December each year, an average of 15,000 Americans were injured in holiday decorations and went to the emergency room for medical treatment. In addition, a fire caused by a dry Christmas tree killed an average of 7 people and caused $ 13 million in property damage each year.

▼Christmas knowledge 7: Christmas gift delivery warehouse explosion?

Christmas stock up

As the most important festival in the west, Christmas has always been a good time for shopping. Shopping malls, supermarkets launch base price promotions, online and offline double - line, make Christmas a scavenging festival. Foreigners often start their Christmas preparations on "black Friday" (the fourth Friday of November).

Online shopping can not stop

On December 22, 2014, the United States postal service delivered more than 28 million packages per day, breaking the record for a single day of delivery. The Chinese are not satisfied, they have not seen our double 11, this year double 11 the day of the national express delivery of 250 million pieces...

▼Christmas cold knowledge 8: can you write to Santa Claus?

Full-time Santa Claus

There is a village of Santa Claus in Finland, where hundreds of thousands of letters from more than 150 countries and regions are received each year, while working santa (certified) will send letters to children in at least eight countries .

▼Christmas cold knowledge 9: must kiss under the mistletoe?

Kissing under the mistletoe

One of the most romantic Christmas customs of Christmas is to kiss under the mistletoe, but why is that? This is to be said from Europe before Christianity. At that time, mistletoe symbolized the masculinity, symbolizing romance, vitality and fertility. This symbolic significance makes people believe that mistletoe has mysterious power and can start a romantic affair, and finally evolved into the custom of kissing under the magical mistletoe. So when you and another person are found to be standing under the mistletoe, you have to kiss and have no room for negotiation. So, girls have to be careful at Christmas.

▼Christmas Cold Knowledge 10: Why Christmas Eve called Christmas Eve?

You know, foreigners call "Christmas Eve" the night before Christmas, which is "Christmas Eve". How did it become "PINAN NIGHT" in China?

 peace night

It is said that this is derived from a very famous German Christmas carol "Stille Nacht" translated is "Christmas Eve", Christmas Eve symbolizes the night of Jesus Christ will bring peace and happiness to the world.

▼Christmas cold knowledge 11: the Christmas Eve to send the apple is the Chinese people created?

In China, there is the custom of sending apples to relatives and friends on Christmas Eve, and the custom is actually created by Chinese people. Only Chinese people do this. Why?

Send apples on Christmas Eve

Apple's "apple" is synonymous with ping an, so the Chinese have the auspicious meaning of "ping an", so they have the custom of delivering apples on Christmas Eve. On the eve of the Christmas Eve, the "dress up" apple quietly sends the blessing of "peace", even foreigners to the Chinese imagination of the five places.

There are some knowledges about Chrismas Eve in China,Merry Chrismas,Guangzhou Pengdi wish you all for best!