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Cartridge Replacement

Mar 02, 2017

For laser printer users, replace the toner cartridge with three choices: original cartridges, generic toner cartridge (or compatible toner cartridges), the filling of cartridges. Print quality is customer factors need to be considered first, no doubt, genuine toner cartridges is clearly the best choice. Original toner cartridges due to the carefully considered during the design process and the integration of other components of the printer, manufacture process meticulously, so you can create the ideal printing results, much better than the other compatible products. Filling cartridges due to the manufacturing process using the manual mode, the print quality is bad, it can not be guaranteed. Universal cartridge print quality can be said in General can achieve the printer's output requirements, and some can even exceed original cartridge standard. But there may be some special circumstances differ, as in some blurring when printing a 2 pounds of fine print. Print process is always very simple, plug in the printer, sent an instruction to complete. It is in every print detail his efforts, so that users only need to go through this simple process can be the ideal printing results.