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Xerox printing equipment import VANTAGE print service management program

Oct 09, 2017

Recently, office supplies technology research and development company Vantage decided to cooperate with Xerox, Xerox printing equipment equipped with its print service management solutions.

It is reported that the Vantage online billing system is compatible with the Xerox Printing Equipment Agent (XDA) and Xerox Print Service Steward Software (XSM).

It is understood that the cooperation between Vantage and Xerox will enhance the experience of Xerox consumers using the Vantage system functionality to help them manage their billing needs more effectively.

The Vantage online billing system votes the Xerox XSM database every day to determine, verify the counter reading, and then download the voting results to its own repository. Regardless of when the user wants to get the nearest counter reading, they can be accessed through Vantage's network center.

At present, more than 40 partners in Xerox can use this printing solution, as early as 2014, Vantage and XDA and XSM cooperation in the development of this solution.

"We can do a lot more now than in the past," said Tony Milford, general manager of Vantage. "Now we can help dealers increase efficiency and improve profitability while reducing costs."