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Cleaning up remnants of toner cartridges toner

Mar 02, 2017

Many printer toner cartridges added powder replaced Shi actually and no will laser printer se in the of carbon powder completely with finished, in waste powder box or carbon powder box in the often will left some carbon powder, if not be cleanup, we added of carbon powder and original carbon powder on has may because not compatible and formed block solid, so we in added carbon powder Qian must to first will original toner cartridges in the carbon powder cleanup clean. Clean up, first clean the waste toner cartridge and toner in the toner cartridge, then gently with the brush to remove residue on the edge of toner cartridges toner. Brush clean the place we can use tiger or hair dryer to clean the waste toner. The toner in the toner cartridge after cleaning, we also use brush to clean around the toner cartridge toner. Cleaned the toner cartridge and after waste toner waste toner box, we also charge roller, clean waste toner on the magnetic roller, we have to clean the charge roller, for example, introduce the cleanup method. While cleaning the charge roller, locate the charge roller screws (on either side of the charge roller head), unscrew the screws with the screwdriver. Out of the cartridge small charge roller. Charge roller with plastic gears on both ends, we must first take off the charge roller before wiping the gears on both ends.