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Can different models of printer toner mix?

Oct 20, 2017

Can different models of printer toner mix?
There are two kinds of carbon powder manufacturing methods: physical grinding and chemical synthesis.

The advantage of physical grinding is low cost, but the particles are not uniform enough for low speed machines.

And it is not enough particles lead to the printing of waste powder more, so the structure of the cartridge can accommodate more waste powder, and the structure of the cartridge and the printer design and manufacturing and mutual influence.

Chemical powder has the advantage of small particles and uniform, waste powder rate is lower, so the use of chemical powder cartridges and printers, you can do very compact. At the same time, chemical powder as a result of uniform particles, observed under the magnifying glass, closer to the round, better mobility, so more suitable for high-speed printers.

However, the two kinds of toner printing effect, there is no essential difference.

It is these characteristics, so different types of toner cartridges, the corresponding toner is fixed, mixed with toner, nor is it completely impossible to use, but the stability of the printer is reduced.