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Added to the cartridge new toner

Mar 02, 2017

Through the above cleaning, then to add a new toner cartridge box, add remove the toner bottle buy, tear down the bottle sealed paper, slowly pour the toner cartridge toner cartridge, adding until full. When the toner into the toner cartridge to avoid scattered toner on the outside, we can use a paper pad in the toner cartridge, easy to add powder in the toner cartridge. After toner added, toner waste toner box cover and tighten the screw. Then with a clean brush or soft cloth to wipe the toner cartridges around. Put the toner cartridge in the printer before, our first hand shake the toner cartridge, toner cartridge toner evenly in, to be able to print correctly. For continuous powder cartridges, toner bottle they have unique structures, add powder without falling out of toner, toner is automatically recycled, reducing health hazards of pollution to the environment.